A division of Sleep Tree Publishing Co., Sleep Tight Tonight is an association dedicated to improving and developing the Parent/Child relationship.  Sleep Tight Tonight aims to accomplish this task by offering engaging and innovative books for parents to read to their children at bedtime.  This simple approach is designed to improve a child’s imagination through literature.  In addition to encouraging a child’s love of reading, Sleep Tight Tonight hopes to build a bond between parents and their little ones at a very early stage.

Life can be so busy these days that parents are often tempted to substitute videos and learning toys in place of personal interaction.  While these devices may contribute to a child’s development, real time shared between parent and child is essential.  After all, when the toys are outgrown and the videos are shelved, the bond between children and their parents will remain.

Reading at bedtime offers a perfect opportunity to shape that relationship throughout childhood.  There are no interruptions or distractions, no loud noises or colored lights.  The experience is real and pure, and is an excellent way to create and sustain a cherished family connection- one that will serve as an educational and moral guidepost for children of any age.  And speaking from experience, moments such as these will be treasured for a lifetime.

“All parents want the best for their children and the best for children are their parents.”



Stephen C. Healy graduated from Appalachian State University in the spectacular mountain setting of Boone, NC.  This would serve as the backdrop to a lifelong love of nature, beauty and the power of imagination.

Stephen has been actively writing children’s stories for the past nine years.  In that time, he has developed a new approach to story telling, expanding from the traditional format to bring about a new era in Children’s Literature.  His new works embody a style of writing that ignites the imagination and encourages a positive moral and optimistic attitude in a child.

“Innovation is the key to any business!  It is especially needed in the area of children’s literature, which has become saturated with coming of age stories.  Of course, children are constantly coming of age, so the stories they read or those read to them should be filled with imagination and concepts that expand and display the wonderment of life.”



Thomas McDaniel

Thomas has been an artist long before he attended the Ringling School of Art.  A native of Rock Hill, SC, he has found a home in illustrating children’s literature.  Clover was the first collaboration with Sleep Tree Publishing Co.  It display’s both Thomas’ skills as an artist and interpreter.  The second, Restaurant Personality, shows even another side that mirrors a lighthearted talent that is easy to admire.  Thomas is hard at work on his ninth published work, The Healing Tear, another story from Sleep Tree Publishing Co.  Thomas’ personality and masterful use of watercolor lends itself to the whimsy, animated, and gentle characters that he so vividly paints.

Sue Ellen Brown

Prior to earning her BFA from the University of North Texas in 1977, Sue Ellen Brown studied classical painting techniques under W.P. Hansen of Houston.  Following graduation, she assisted Dallas illustrator Don Ivan Punchatz, then worked for six years as a staff artist with Hallmark.

Equally adept at oil and acrylic painting, airbrush and dry media, Sue Ellen has enjoyed over twenty years of success in both the commercial and fine art worlds.  Her work is passionate, rich, and playful in its simplicity, displaying her singular ability to describe volumes within a highly designed space, with an elegant interplay of color.

2 Paragon Awards from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations
Inclusion in the New York City Society of Illustrators’ Humor Exhibition

Published in
The Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Science Fiction Art Techniques
The Magic Card series
Macmillan’s Winter Child -  Illustrator
Birmingham News describes her work as “elegant, sweeping flights of fancy”.

Sue Ellen’s work can be found at DS Art Studio Gallery in Homewood, AL