A Restaurant full of Personality

October 5th, 2008 Stephen C. Healy

Sleep Tight Tonight’s third publication, Restaurant Personality, serves a hearty dose of creativity to its readers. A plump chef and a stiff maitre de will escort you through the pages of this book like a menu for life’s emotions. They lead a group of children who have come to dine, although there are many more choices than the kids thought that they would find. The chef and maitre de keep the children entertained, by delivering the specials of the night (or day). At this restaurant though, they only serve personality traits, so instead of choosing food to eat, they must choose who they’ll be! The chef and maitre de have no need to describe what goes into a dish, like at a traditional restaurant, but rather what each child would get out of each. As it turns out, the only specials in the restaurant are each guest in attendance.

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